Infiltrating Scientology


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Infiltrating Scientology Ep. 3: Their Cleanse made us Sweat Blue!
Is that for real or a "movie prop"? Niacin produces a skin flush on skin areas damaged by the sun so there is probably some bit of science behind excess sauna use and excess vitamin intake although the Purif is a fraud. A newbie in scn might be convinced that they are "purifying" themselves if they have some such manifestation.

There's no shortage of tribal groups who have used sweat lodges combined with psychedelics to go on vision quests. (I only tried the psychedelics without a sweat lodge.) I was out of scn before the Purif was up and running.


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Tony Ortega wrote a story about these guys that do the videos:


Scientology’s ‘Purif’ detox gets the ‘Reckless Ben’ treatment in video debuting here today

Who are these guys? That was one of the reactions we had when we saw the dynamite first two videos put out by a couple of young infiltrators who have brought out some of the most fascinating (and hilarious) undercover video from inside Scientology in a long time.

It turns out they’re “Reckless” Ben Schneider, 24, and his friend Michael Fortner, 23, who both recently moved to Los Angeles from Ohio.

Ben’s a professional slackliner with a YouTube channel that hosts videos of his balancing exploits and also some prankish setups. The channel has a few thousand subscribers, and so far the two Scientology videos they’ve put out have amassed views of a few thousand.

If they’re not exactly going viral, it’s not for a lack of quality. The Sunday Service they filmed secretly at the LA Org in part one is glorious fun. And the way Ben gets Scientology staffers to encourage him to commit a theft in order to pay for his copy of “Dianetics” in part two is truly inspired.

The first thing we asked them, though, was about the date on the videos, which appear to have been shot three years ago.

“The date on the spy glasses is wrong and we didn’t know how to take them off,” Ben said. The videos were actually filmed just a couple of weeks ago.

Ben tells us that he moved out to LA to help Tik Tok recruit other athletes to the video platform, which he gets paid for. And they just happened to end up in a house right by the Big Blue Scientology complex in Los Angeles.


Full Story:
In the comments section on Tony's topic ISNOINews posted this link about TR5 and and the Upper Indoctrination TRs. (Look at that wall - Thank you - Walk over to it - Thank you - etc.)

I've always been highly resistant to being controlled so I think I got some "wins" from these TRs or maybe they were processes I was given in auditing sessions. It was 40 years ago so memory is dim but I'll think it over and maybe post a thread about it in the Tek Talk section.
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Ok, maybe its me being a detail-obsessed "it was better in them good ol days" geezer. But the girl at 11:48... she uses the same "mmmhmmm" non-verbal ack 4 times in a row... :duh: And she's blinking while she does that each time.
12:31 - I know she's kicking him out as an undesirable recruit. But REGARDLESS of that she still has a frown and an irritated tone of voice. That's two more deductions. Are those sort of image flops acceptable now?

All these years of me being out and these sort of mistakes still end up grinding on my patience. Who trained these people??!

I mean, we also had that policy of: "Let the stupid people be the initial recruiters"... but we would at least train them to avoid rookie mistakes like that.

Whoever placed her at a post where she interacts with the public has seriously messed up. I'm sure there's zounds of empty ideal orgs out there that need someone to lay the carpeting and paint the walls and stuff, she'd be great. Why don't you move this "big being" somewhere where she won't do any more PR damage.

Oh yeah I forgot - nobody will do it because of brainless Scn bureaucratic paralysis. Or maybe all the people left with any soft skills become registrars? Or maybe all the quality staff already defected and got declared? :D

As for the vid itself - I thought these two guys are overdoing it and just trolling too hard so the whole infiltration will be failed and boring. But when I got to how they work that girl there - priceless. That part alone was worth watching the vid.
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I don't know why that datum is so hard for outsiders to grok. It's been explained again and again and again, across the internet, but for some reason it just will not stick.

I don't know. Perhaps it's the overall strangeness of Scientology. You almost have to experience it for yourself to understand how it's all supposed to work.
It's a crashing MU to those outsiders. Who cares really? As long as people know XENU is involved in Scientology, they hopefully will stay far away.