Independent Scientology and, and post-Scientology Civilization Upgrade


Independent Scientology and Nation of Islam news
Independent Scientology and, and post-Scientology Civilization Upgrade.

Prior ESMB thread on post-Scientology Civilization Upgrade:

NEW post-Scientology practice and website: Civilization Upgrade

Note: I want to make it clear that the name of the website and organization is not "post-Scientology Civilization Upgrade." It is simply "Civilization Upgrade." I refer to it as ""post-Scientology Civilization Upgrade" above to indicate that the website and organization are "post-Scientology"; that is, based on a foundation of Scientology, but having moved past Scientology.

Website for Civilization Upgrade:


The Civilization Upgrade website now states:


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June 2020 note: I moved all of Scientology related analysis to a separate website: .

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This leads to the website: – Logical analysis of Scientology

The Scientology Analysis website states: – Logical analysis of Scientology

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The purpose of this website is to develop and present logical analysis of Scientology categorized by key concepts and principles within the subject as delivered by the Founder L. Ron Hubbard.

There is no goal here to present analysis that is somehow “final” or “absolute,” but to provide an organized and clear analytical framework with direct references that can be used as a foundation for further thought and discussion.

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However, there is another new website,, that states: – Let's audit Scientology!

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This website – – is also a sub-project of If you need to contact the creator of this website, you can write an e-mail to [email protected].

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The Scientology Audit website currently features an analysis of the 2007 Scientology Golden Age of Knowledge (GAK), among many other Scientology topics.
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Independent Scientology and Nation of Islam news
On 11/6/20, the Independent Scientology website revised its About information: – Logical analysis of Scientology

On 11/8/20, post-Scientology Civilization Upgrade revised its About information:

On 11/18/20, the Independent Scientology website added further analysis regarding the alleged alterations of Scientology Tech by David Miscavige:


Please note that a related Independent Scientology website is True LRH:

True LRH - The Truth is Simple