In and out of the cult in 1 year. Brian Culkin talked to Tampa Bay Times


Well-known member
The "church" of Scientology uses Big Law Firms and quantities of Lawyers to protect them from local Prosecutors with limited budgets.
It acts like a Tarzan beating its chest and puffing up its muscle to show its Gang Bang superiority.
Because there is no transparency of the accounting, the money gouged and raped out of bankrupt parishioners vanishes into this air. No one knows how much is spent weekly on lawyers, PIs (Private investigators), and the dirty PIs that they hire to give layers of protection from David Miscavige running his reign of religious terrorrism.



A million filthy losers for every clean winner
Young Brian Culkin was drained of $300,000 in 1 year (most of his inheritance) at the infamous Flag Land Base in Clearwater.

He shared his story with Tampa Bay Times .

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Wow. As a born inside the cult guy, that's one side of scn I never experienced. I guess the reality of "scn life as a rich public" was as hidden from me as "scn life as an MAA" was from them.