I think I found the best fiction book about the Sea Org...


I tried to be a good cop in the wrong police force
I think I found the best fiction book about the Sea Org...

... that book is "Animal Farm" by G.Orwell.

This is not a joke thread, let me explain:

I knew one guy in the SO, I think I mentioned him a few times on the forums. (like in this post) I'm gonna call him Roger, though that wasn't his real name.

Roger spent some 20 years in the SO. He worked tirelessly and with great experience and dedication. Never one to take it easy, he would work many all-nighters and very rarely would be in bed before 1 AM at the very least. He would gladly share his experience and knowledge with the new joiners, kept this whole mess together. Guy gave his whole life to the cult.

Roger had a health condition that we vaguely understood was getting worse. One day people told me to get hatted, because I'm supposed to take over his post, which I did. Roger never came back, I never saw him again. Maybe he passed away, or his health deteriorated to a point where the SO decided to offboard him and leave him for dead?
But the second Roger was gone, people stopped mentioning him. Roger (I might as well call him Boxer, though that wasn't his real name either) was instantly forgotten.

As if this SO veteran of 20 years never existed.

When you are too old or too ill to work, the cult will get rid of you without an ounce of remorse, compassion or sympathy. There's a reason why these are low on the tone scale.

All you can expect is to be carted away so they will make glue out of you.
Because you must always work harder and Napoleon Davey is always right.

This is not a joke thread, not in the slightest.
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