I am starting a new podcast abd - MyTruthOnScientology.

Hi, I am new to this site.... I came here because I googled myself and found this site... I am Ex-Scientoligist who was interviewed a few times on the radio and a few podcasts and my things have snowballed from there... i am currently recording my own podcast titled "MyTruthOnScientology" and am looking to Interview Scientologists or Ex-Scientologist who want to tell their stories, Telling my Story anout this cult has really helped me feel better about what I did within the "church" and I would like to give other people the platform in witch to talk about it...If you have a story to tell and want a safe place to tell it, email me at MyTruthOnScientology and lets set it up.... NO STORY IS SMALL OR INSIGNIFICANT THEY ARE ALL IMPORTANT TO SOMEONE.. You can also find me on youtube - MyTruthOnScientology


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Sounds like fun! Good luck on the podcast!



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Hello and good luck. How long have you been out?