Humans stagnate, go backwards, and go sideways, but very few go forward.

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You want something? I'll give you something. I've basically taken every conspiracy theory I could find and smashed them together.

It's time I reposted this anyway.


. . . . . . . S P R I G . L O R E


The most persistent problem this galaxy has ever faced is overpopulation and the resulting decrease in the quality of life. By "overpopulation" we don't mean biological population, of course. We mean spirit population.

When the body of a citizen dies, we want the spirit within to occupy a newborn's body with a minimum of fuss and bother, thus ensuring the eternally comfortable life we have all become accustomed to. This is not possible as long as the spirit population exceeds the biological population.

The solution is to dump our excess spirit population all in one place, and make sure they stay there. The place selected is Earth, a place most undesirable for other uses due to its role in the Six Year War. Earth is the third planet in a rather isolated solar system.

To make certain those sent to planet Earth stay there, an organization was created to ensure this, particularly when their spirits are freed from their bodies at biological death. Currently, this organization is headquartered at Tower Base on the planet Venus in the same system, and is currently known as the Second Planet Refresher Implant Group, or SPRIG.


Religion is a form of superstition centered around the idea that a super being created everything, including the people who believe in it. The idea, "I exist, therefore I am in debt" is an effective method of assuring passive compliance to authority figures. A hierarchy of authority is created -- from the top levels of the SPRIG to families, where husbands are encouraged to become authority figures to their wives, and both parents, to their children. As long as Earthlings believe they are obeying the wishes of their Creator, they will continue to do as they are told.

Religions comes in different varieties, or "faiths". These are generally in conflict with each other, each believing that their own faith is the one "true" faith and the others are "false" and therefore inferior. As a result of these conflicts, they tend not to question their own authority figures.

The original faiths, or Churches, came to be as a direct result of SPRIG activities. Various malcontents broke off and founded new faiths, some anti-SPRIG in their fundamental nature. However, all of these came under SPRIG influence sooner or later -- generally just after the biological death of their founder. At this point, the faith is given a centralized command structure with SPRIG agents occupying the top positions.


All faiths mark the birth of a newborn with a ceremony. From this point on, that person "belongs" to that faith and is expected to accept Church doctrine as it is taught. The faithful are expected to marry, and for many faiths, to produce large families. As one nears the end of their biological life, one is expected to look forward to the "afterlife", an "eternal reward" for following Church doctrine. As we will shall see, this "eternal reward" is neither eternal nor a reward, but a key part of keeping people from escaping planet Earth. After biological death, the spirit of the Earthling departs their biological body and comes to the Refresher Implant Center on Venus, believing it to be the site of the afterlife. Here a series of mind control actions take place, after which the person returns to Earth to begin a new lifetime in a new biological body.


While the galactic strategy on overpopulation is to reduce the spiritual population (by removing the excess to planet Earth), Earth is encouraged to increase its biological population instead. The attendant problems of a too-large biological population -- famine, war, and poverty -- are considered acceptable. Movements to limit the (biological) population on Earth, or at least give people an opportunity to voluntarily limit their family sizes, are resisted and sabotaged.

One way of promoting population growth is to limit sex education to the point where it is ineffective. Earthlings are told that youths are supposed to learn from their parents, who are often too shy to teach them or think that sex is something that their older children will be interested in "years from now". As a result, young people are often reduced to experimentation, which frequently leads to unexpected pregnancies. Abortion is made difficult to come by and is actively discouraged by their religious teaching.

For many years technology was suppressed on planet Earth. By doing so, SPRIG control of the population was absolute. But technology on Earth has been allowed to rise during the last six centuries, allowing the population to rise with it. This has given the planet the additional capacity needed to absorb the galaxy's unwanted spiritual population. Unfortunately, there is a tradeoff: with scientific reason comes less of a need for religion, leading to a loss of SPRIG control among some groups. And some of this technology is capable of detecting SPRIG activities. Thus there is a need to maintain a delicate balance: enough technology to sustain the needed population growth, but not enough to detect and discredit the SPRIG. While Earth technology is not even close to the point of presenting a military threat, the danger is that the SPRIG would be ridiculed and ignored once discovered.


Thirty-two millennia ago, the group known as Hindus were given the idea that if they live their lives properly, they would reach Nirvana, an afterlife where everything is wonderful all the time and they would never again be troubled by the unpleasantries of biological life. If their lives were not so perfect, they would be sent back to Earth to try again. Their station in their new lifetime theoretically depended on whether they lived a generally "good" or "evil" life. This determination was to be made at the moment of death, where they would appear before a "cosmic judge". This cosmic judge is in reality what is now the New Arrival Interview department, which always sends individuals on to the Refresher Implant Center. Here, they are given their mind control, and sent back to Earth -- always.

At this point in time the Venus base had not been established. Remote and inaccessible locations on Earth such as mountaintops, caves, and polar zones were used.

Fifty-seven centuries ago, a second basic faith was created -- the Jews. This group was taught everybody had only one lifetime, and that their spiritual selves were created when their biological selves were. Of course, they were still consigned to the Refresher Implant Center at death, where they were given a different mind control "program" than the Hindus. The one-lifetime-only concept was part of the Jewish indoctrination -- and when this mind control was over, they would be sent back to planet Earth to begin their next lifetime.

The Greek Mythological faith was created thirty-five centuries ago. The major new concept here was to accentuate the negative -- that there was a "bad" afterlife, called Hades, that you went to if you lived an "evil" life, to suffer forever. That this suffering was to last "forever" was part of the indoctrination message, even though the mind control process itself always comes to an end.

Twenty centuries ago, the Venus base was established, and the Second Planet Refresher Implant Group assumed its current form. Jesus, a believer yet reformer, founded Christianity. Within days of Jesus's biological death St. Paul, or Saul of Tarsus, was already reorganizing Christianity along SPRIG policy lines. A plurality of fates -- known as Heaven (for the good), Hell (for the evil), and Purgatory (for the marginally evil) is part of this faith, and as we will see, is a key part of increasing the effectiveness of the mind control process.

Fourteen centuries ago, Islam came to be. It is very heavy with ritual and demands strict obedience to God. Violence as a way of preserving and expanding the membership of the faith is condoned, even praised. Those who die in service to the faith believe they will be sent immediately to Paradise, their version of the "good" afterlife.

Each of the faiths mentioned above represents an improvement in the effectiveness of the mind control. And, as was said, a multiplicity of faiths means an ongoing basic conflict which keeps the believers from questioning their leaders.


The SPRIG is divided into a hierarchy of departments. Many in the lower level departments are dupes, unaware of the organization and mission of the SPRIG, but simply believe they are acting in the service of their faith.

SPRIGCOT (Council Of They) God
+++++SPRIGRIC (Refresher Implant Center) Heaven
+ +
+ +
+ +
+ +++++SPRIGSIS (Special Implant Section) Hell
+++++SPRIGDIE (Division of Interview and Escorting)
+ +
+ +
+ +
+ +++++SPRIGICE (Indoctrination Center Escorters) Angels
+ +
+ +
+ +
+ +++++SPRIGNAI (New Arrival Interview) St. Peter, etc.
+++++SPRIGPED (Policy Enforcement Division)
+++++SPRIGSTO (Space Transport Operations) UFO's
+ +
+ +
+ +
+ +++++SPRIGIVU (Interplantary Visitations Unit) Aliens
+++++SPRIGNET (Network for Emotional Tampering) Holy Spirit
+++++SPRIGWEN (Worldwide Enforcement Network) New World Order
+++++SPRIGAPE (Agency for Policy Enforcement) Clergy, etc.
+++++SPRIGDEF (Detention and Examination Facilities)
+ Mental Hospitals
+++++SPRIGMIB (Men In Black) Goons
+++++SPRIGPAC (Population Assistance Centers)
+ + Rescue Missions
+ +
+ +
+++++++SPRIGPIC (Policy Instruction Centers)
+ + + Parochial Schools, etc.
+ + +
+ + +
+++++++++SPRIGPRO (Periodic Restimulation Organizations)
+ + + Synagogues, Churches, etc.
+ + +
+ + +
++++++++++SPRIGLAV (Loyal Affiliated Victims)
Fundamentalists, etc.

Each department is detailed below:

SPRIGCOT - COUNCIL OF THEY (God) - while the Council Of They certainly did not create the universe, by promoting the concept of God and then speaking for God, they in effect have become God -- in particular, they have taken God's authority for themselves. They are called the Council Of They because of the Earth custom of saying "they" are the cause of something, or that "they" won't let that happen, without having a clue as to who "they" really are.

SPRIGRIC - REFRESHER IMPLANT CENTER (Heaven) - this is where the mind control takes place. The message includes misleading information, commands, and substantial amounts of emotional content such as euphoria. The message is not the same for everyone; it varies mainly by the individual's faith and sex.

SPRIGSIS - SPECIAL IMPLANT SECTION (Hell) - those who perceive they've been bad are sent to this section, right next door to SPRIGRIC. The individual is caused to suffer ensuring their cooperation at a later point in time, when they are either sent on to SPRIGRIC, as explained below, or in some cases, conscripted as SPRIG low-level headquarters administrative staff.

SPRIGDIE - DIVISION Of INTERVIEW And ESCORTING - it is not automatically assured that people will come to the Refresher Implant Center when their life ends. This division is responsible for getting people to go there.

SPRIGICE - INDOCTRINATION CENTER ESCORTERS (Angels) - these are spirit beings, without a biological counterpart, that seek out the dead and dying and point the way to the "afterlife". (This is actually the second part of the chain. The first part is when a SPRIGAPE recites the Last Rites -- or an equivalent -- over the dying.)

SPRIGNAI - NEW ARRIVAL INTERVIEW (St. Peter, etc) - this is the "cosmic judge" or whatever one meets at the gates to the "afterlife". A major function is to separate people by faiths and present to each one the SPRIGNAI that matches their expectations -- so Christians see either Jesus or St. Peter, Hindus see the cosmic judge, and so on. Those whose biological bodies are rescuable from death by medical technology are sometimes given a choice to stay or return to Earth. Those who don't want the afterlife, or who feel they don't deserve a "reward", are given special handling. At this point it is determined which version of the mind control they will receive, based mainly on faith, sex, and their zodiac sign for the next lifetime. Once they are handed over to SPRIGRIC, there is no escape. Note: SPRIGNAI stands both for the department and for New Arrival Interviewer.

SPRIGPED - POLICY ENFORCEMENT DIVISION - their job is to keep Earth culture aligned with SPRIG policy. This is the largest SPRIG division.

SPRIGSTO - SPACE TRANSPORT OPERATIONS (UFO's) - provides a shuttle service between Earth, Venus, and other locations. While these operations are generally clandestine, shuttle vehicles have been detected at times by various Earthlings.

SPRIGIVU - INTERPLANETARY VISITATIONS UNIT (Aliens) - their job is to contact small numbers of Earth people, and to put on a show for them which doesn't quite make sense. These Earthlings then go around spreading stories of abductions in flying saucers, making the whole subject of UFO's look ridiculous, thereby covering for the times SPRIGSTO activity was noted.

SPRIGNET - NETWORK For EMOTIONAL TAMPERING (Holy Spirit) - these invisible, enslaved, bodyless spirits monitor Earthlings and report on their activities to a central bureau. They are on the watch, particularly, for anti-SPRIG activities and are capable of sending back directives (in the form of "suggestions") and can manipulate their targets emotionally. Their main job is to counter organized opposition to the SPRIG.

SPRIGWEN - WORLDWIDE ENFORCEMENT NETWORK (New World Order) - this division consists of a number of secular and religious groups in positions of power here on Earth, with the main base on the religious side being Vatican City. This is also the main site of the original division of Christianity, the Catholics. Other faiths and the major governments and institutions (such as banks) are connected together through a series of secret ties.

SPRIGAPE - AGENCY For POLICY ENFORCEMENT (Clergy, etc.) - this includes people who devote their lives to the service of their faiths, such as priests, nuns, ministers, rabbis, and muftis. They are believers who hope for the "good" afterlife, and carry out SPRIG policy in the belief that doing so will help them and others get there. In addition, this includes people who can and do occupy key leadership positions in non-religious groups, such as governments, banks, and essential industries, motivated by personal gain and notoriety. Together, they forward SPRIG policies. Note: SPRIGAPE also stands for SPRIG _Agent_ for Policy Enforcement.

SPRIGDEF - DETENTION And EXAMINATION FACILITIES (Mental Hospitals) - these are psychiatric hospitals that are either operated by the SPRIG directly or have major influence from the SPRIG. They are useful for confining and discrediting those who might expose the SPRIG for what it is, and for punishing enemies. SPRIG policies dominate the field of psychiatry.

SPRIGMIB - MEN IN BLACK (Goons) - far from the alien-aware good guys in the movie by the same name, the real Men In Black go after ordinary Earth people who know (and threaten to reveal) the truth. Their main tool is intimidation, but will silence the opposition by whatever means necessary.

SPRIGPAC - POPULATION ASSISTANCE CENTERS (Rescue Missions) - these are SPRIG charitable organizations designed to help the extremely poor. SPRIG policy is to help those who are in danger of dying from their poverty, so as to keep the biological population of planet Earth from being reduced. Those who rise above this minimum level are NOT helped any further. Other charities on planet Earth are expected to follow the SPRIG example, by helping only the lowest of the low, then abandoning them when they reach a point of minimum self-sufficiency. Even the United Nations, a pan-Earth organization with the potential to unify Earth against the SPRIG, has a population assistance function through it's United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

SPRIGPIC - POLICY INSTRUCTION CENTERS (Parochial Schools, etc.) - these are SPRIG groups that teach pro-SPRIG viewpoints for the purpose of influencing Earth culture. These groups include parochial schools, religious bookstores, and various Church-sponsored counseling organizations.

SPRIGPRO - PERIODIC RESTIMULATION ORGANIZATIONS (Synagogues, Churches, etc) - these are synagogues, churches, mosques, and other gathering places where the faithful are given a message similar to the mind control they got earlier. While no formal mind control takes place here, it reinforces the SPRIGRIC message.

SPRIGLAV - LOYAL AFFILIATED VICTIMS (Fundamentalists) - these are the serious believers in the SPRIG philosophy, eager to do everything they are instructed to, and who are fervently hopeful for a better life and afterlife. They are the end product of the process; those who would not leave Earth if an opportunity did present itself.


Those Christians who do not believe they've lead good lives -- or don't want to go to Heaven -- are sent to "Hell" instead. Hell, or SPRIGSIS, is next door to Heaven, or SPRIGRIC. In Hell, special mind control causes the person to suffer. The goal is to get them to wish they were in Heaven instead. Then they are told they are not in Hell, they're in Purgatory, and Heaven is the next stop. Now they are looking forward to Heaven, which is the most important part of the mind control process -- getting people to want to go there. Actually, whether one has been good or bad is of no consequence when it comes to qualifying for the good afterlife -- for the only real sin is not wanting to go to Heaven. Other faiths have similar concepts.

In some cases, those who are released from SPRIGSIS are conscripted to become low-level administrators in SPRIG headquarters (they have to get their clerks from somewhere!)

Satanism was not always associated with evil the way it is today -- originally it was simply an anti-SPRIG group. Like all other faiths not created by the SPRIG, it was infiltrated and taken over by them. Only later on was it branded a "worship of evil" faith. As Satanists arrive at SPRIGNAI they see exactly what they expect to see -- the devil.


By normal galactic standards, Earth is a sex-crazed planet. When Earthlings "fall in love", the mind control they received causes a euphoric feeling to kick in. This reinforces their sexual attraction for each other. This euphoria, which reaches a peak during orgasm, is often described as "heavenly" -- which is completely accurate as the source of it is SPRIGRIC.

As stated before, sex education is functionally nonexistent, and access to birth control (including abortion) is spotty at best. Young couples (married and unmarried) are anxious to have at it first, and ask questions later. Often they find themselves in the midst of starting a family before they fully understand the process, particularly in areas where there is poverty and minimal education.

While premarital sex is officially discouraged, an illegitimate child increases the biological population just as much as a legitimate one. Legitimate pregnancies are preferable in that an unmarried woman is more likely to choose an abortion, after realizing the alternative is single parenthood. So unmarried pregnant women are encouraged to get married right away, and unmarried NON-pregnant women are told to "save it for their future husbands" -- so by the time they CAN get pregnant, pregnancy is more of a workable option.

To increase their sexual attraction to each other, men and women are given different versions of the mind control (in addition to the differences between the faiths). Women are image concious, trying to achieve the ideal "look", and men are oriented to responding to that image. Both men and women are given the idea that women are inferior to men -- to the point where women are restricted from the more demanding forms of paid employment -- so they have plenty of talent and energy left over for "the important job of motherhood".

The feminine image actually DOES make women less powerful in some ways -- for example, restrictive clothing that limits free movement, and "beauty rituals" that consume time and energy.

As a result, most leadership roles on planet Earth are occupied by men, which means reproductive rights issues (specifically, the right to choose to NOT reproduce) are not taken seriously.

Earthlings are encouraged to look at children as the "natural" result of the sexual union, with those believing that children are undesirable or merely optional being treated as if something's wrong with them. Such are expected to not speak their views, while those who are eager to raise families talk on and on about doing so.

Part of the mind control is an adoring attraction to children -- strongest for newborns. This keeps parents from abandoning their children during the critical period of helplessness, and as the child becomes more and more capable of being self-sustaining, or at least capable of demanding sustenance from others, this adoring attraction fades in proportion.

While the industrialized nations of planet Earth have limited their fertility rate, the impoverished nations produce children far faster than their societies can accommodate. A portion of this excess relocates to the industrialized nations, as these nations export their technology in trade. Therefore, both groups can have population growth -- the "haves" help feed the "have-nots", and the "have-nots" provide ample population for all of Earth.


Below are the major SPRIG policies for Earthlings to follow. While not all Earthlings are interested in doing these things, a sufficient number of them do so, and so keep Earth a place where the unwanted galactic population can be dumped.

Any kind of sexual activity that does NOT result in children is vilified, including masturbation, withdrawal, homosexuality, and sex with objects or animals. Sex outside of marriage is also forbidden, but if a pregnancy results, the child must be protected in spite of all inconvenience or embarrassment.

Contraception and abortion are forbidden.

While access to abortion and contraception may be restricted, help for those with impaired fertility never is.

The only sexual options that do not result in children that ARE officially condoned are those that are impractical -- abstinence (which few are interested in) and the rhythm method of contraception (which doesn't work).

Children must be given a priority. After children, those that care for children are given priority.

Women are to be given special breaks, such as maternity leave, that men don't have access to. (Employers, aware of this bias, will then prefer men for the power jobs they have available, particularly where a major training investment in a person is necessary for them to become productive.)

Employers must not pay wages that are at or below the starvation level.

Immigration TO wealthier nations is not to be restricted.

Attend the church of your choice once a week.

Be true to your spouse.

Obey authority figures. If they say, don't ask questions, then don't.

Those that want to help others should devote their time and money to population assistance type programs, where only the most destitute and helpless are given just enough help to barely get by.

Don't waste food.

Resist going to war (even while SPRIG policy encourages conflicts).

Don't support military research. Support the destruction of existing weapons stockpiles.

Space research programs, particularly manned missions, are NOT a priority. There is no life on other planets.


Earthlings are ignorant of the true nature of things. Many believe in just one lifetime, most believe in some sort of afterlife, and few realize they are deliberately being quarantined on planet Earth, where unrestricted population growth makes life a lot less pleasant than on most other planets.

The actual number of galactic citizens involved in this containment process is rather small. The bulk of those working for the SPRIG are Earthling dupes -- a house of cards, but one that has endured for millenia. A superstitious explanation for the nature of the world was given to Earthlings, and they have accepted it and eagerly use it to help seal their own fate.

Spiritual life cannot be destroyed -- in spite of many (spirit) population control measures taken over the years. But by concentrating the excess all in one place, on planet Earth, the rest of the galaxy can look forward to a relatively free and uncluttered existence.
Another interesting theory is Robert Monroe's which is that earth is a sort of education planet / loosh harvesting operation - Loosh is an emotion that living organisms have, that these aliens harvest. Even these god like aliens have little relation or understanding of the universe's creator, it is so alien.

And then you have the theory the universe is holographic.

They are all quite interesting.


Robert Monroe and the Loosh harvesters.
Recently a fan of Robert Monroe's work wrote to me telling me that Monroe's experience in his book "Far Journeys" was weighing heavily on his soul and has kept him in a state of depression for years.
For those of you who have read it Monroe more or less states that the human race is the design product of a more advanced alien species which uses our planet as a garden to harvest "Loosh", where the human species is regarded as the prime and most productive farm animal. All our sufferings and joys produce emotional energy which is syphoned off by the aliens as a product and taken away to "somewhere" for their selfish use.

Samuel Crook
I am currently reading William Bramley's Gods of Eden, and this loosh would dovetail nicely with it. I read Monroe's books (as well as many of his institute's fellow travelers), and while he is the only one who refers to loosh, the others mostly paint Aliens as generally aloof towards humans and acting like they owned us. Personally, I would like to think that the rest of the universe would have more concern towards the plight of the human race, if indeed this is the situation concerning loosh, but am very conflicted about it.

The Holographic Universe
Talbot, Michael


Today nearly everyone is familiar with holograms, three-dimensional images projected into space with the aid of a laser. Now, two of the world's most eminent thinkers -- University of London physicists David Bohm, a former protege of Einstein's and one of the world's most respected quantum physicists, and Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, one of the architects of our modern understanding of the brain -- believe that the universe itself may be a giant hologram, quite literally a kind of image or construct created, at least in part, by the human mind. This remarkable new way of looking at the universe explains now only many of the unsolved puzzles of physics, but also such mysterious occurrences as telepathy, out-of-body and near death experiences, "lucid" dreams, and even religious and mystical experiences such as feelings of cosmic unity and miraculous healings.

From the Back Cover:

Nearly everyone is familiar with holograms—three-dimensional images projected into space with the aid of a laser. Two of the world's most eminent thinkers believe that the universe itself may be a giant hologram, quite literally a kind of image or construct created, at least in part, by the human mind. University of London physicist David Bohm, a protégé of Einstein and one of the world's most respected quantum physicists, and Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, an architect of our modern understanding of the brain, have developed a remarkable new way of looking at the universe. Their theory explains not only many of the unsolved puzzles of physics but also such mysterious occurrences as telepathy, out-of-body and near-death experiences, "lucid" dreams, and even religious and mystical experiences such as feelings of cosmic unity and miraculous healings.

Now featuring a foreword by Lynne McTaggart, Michael Talbot's The Holographic Universe is a landmark work whose exciting conclusions continue to be proven true by today's most advanced physics, cosmology, and string theory.


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Interesting that in Monroe's last book he said nothing about loosh at all.
1. Do you believe that when humans progressed from hunter-gatherer tribes to controlled agricultural production that this was caused by outer-space aliens? NO
2. Do you believe that when humans invented written language that this was caused by outer-space aliens? NO
3. Do you believe that when humans invented common medium of extchange (i.e money) that this was caused by outer-space aliens? NO
4. Do you believe that the industrial revolution was caused by outer-space aliens? NO
I believe one of my qualifications obtained post leaving the sea org is a subset of anthropology and this thread is full of waffle ...
but as long as none of you are forming a new cult over it, or abusing people, or fucking with the real estate market - to each their own.

I believe how one applies those beliefs is more important - look at Taoism vs. the cult of scientology. Both believe that "afterlife exists within life on Earth" however only one of them uses it as an excuse to turn kids into slaves. Simple as that.
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And yet, as the United Nations have taken hold we get this crap:

Have we really found the missing link yet?

Just as we find some intelligence, we go back to being stupid again.