Human Rights used as a Gimmick

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Church of Scientology Hosts Convention in Support of the Rights of Indigenous People ⋆ 4State News MO AR KS OK

Somewhat old news. It makes me a little angry, yes because I hate liars and fakes but it also makes me laugh a little bit.

Can you imagine throwing a surprise birthday party for yourself, baking your own cake, inviting people to come, and buying gifts for yourself and wrapping the gifts yourself? To top it off you then express surprise and exclaim, "You shouldn't have!"

No, I can't imagine that either. But now you don't have to. Scientology makes that so easy. They do something like that every day. I wouldn't say that it is pathetic simply because I don't considers liars and fakes to be pathetic. But it sure is something, something that I don't have a word for but it isn't good.