Hubbard Riding the Current Affairs Wave


So I've written in the past about watching a documentary all about the UFO craze of the early 50s and how this was the "current affairs" craze as the backdrop to Scientology. This is when Hubbard is yacking about the Van Allen Belt and being on Venus and here's this documentary showing the craze that gripped the U.S. at the time with people having parties and weirdos being interviewed on local news channels claiming they're from Mars and Venus, etc.

It was quite the sensation. I was shocked to see just how much exposure that the topic commanded and the lengths of the crazy.

Well, here's another one that I never knew about until reading it now and I think Hubbard was riding this craze, too.

During the time of Dianetics there was a ton of craze going on about psychoanalysis and abreactive therapies but here's this:

Sigmund Freud introduced the concept of regression in the 1890s, utilizing it in psychoanalysis, at first via hypnosis and then in talk therapy. Through regression, his patients could confront childhood events and traumas that continued to create emotional stress in their adult lives.​
illustration of a woman on a couch speaking to a therapist
The Search for Bridey Murphy, a book written by Bernstein and published by Doubleday, became a best seller in 1956 and was adapted into a movie. The 1995 New York Times obituary for Virginia Tighe — later Virginia Mae Morrow — said, “Bridey Murphy became a 1950s phenomenon rivaling the Hula-Hoop. There were Bridey Murphy parties (‘come as you were’) and Bridey Murphy jokes (parents greeting newborns with ‘Welcome back’).” The Times also reported that The Search for Bridey Murphy “triggered an interest in reincarnation and the use of hypnosis to regress a subject to early childhood, and perhaps beyond.”​

This was another sensational phenomena that Hubbard was keen to exploit.

This is the same thing he was doing with writing letters to sic government agencies on his enemies. First, they were Nazi spies and plants and then they were commie spies and plants...the current craze...the current sensation.

This is the same thing that he did with ALL ABOUT RADIATION and sundry lectures and writings referencing the atom bombs and all that.

This is, possibly, a ploy of cult gurus to exploit a current fad and use it to exploit and manipulate. I've noticed that many of the early 70s cults profited off of the hippie crazes of drugs, sex, rock and roll and racism and communes.
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