How to Convince Scientologists to Leave


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That brings up an interesting question. Certainly nothing in DMSMH was "confidential", but I don't recall what the "END PHENOMENA" is in that book. We know it's the state of Clear.

But what does the book define as "Clear" and what is the test?

Interesting. I bet one could survey ALL ORGS & MISSIONS and ask all auditors and staff members and perhaps none of them could answer what the exact CLEAR EP is from book one and how the auditor and PC scientifically verified it.

Remember it's a "modern science" so there should be a scientific test to confirm Clear, right? LOL

I couldn't stand reading that book DMSMH any of the times I tried to read it. So I ain't gonna ruin my day by going into an online version in order to look up when the PC can "attest".

The definition and EP of Dianetics is if you joined the Church after reading it, then you've been "Cleared" of any common sense.


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I don't understand the overblown emphasis over the years on the concept
of rhetoric
in regards to Hubbard.

HANDLING: Read the Axioms!

Axiom 1
Life is basically a Rhetoric. A Life Rhetoric has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location and no sense.