How do we know the ‘Chase Wave’ happened? ‘Aftermath’ guest Mark Fladd: ‘I was part of it’


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[Mark and Stephanie Fladd on ‘Aftermath’]

On Sunday, we told you about a document that had been leaked to us: It purported to be directions for Scientology’s registrars to follow as they were pressuring members to open up multiple Chase Bank credit cards in order to saddle those members with huge debts. The process was called the “Chase Wave.”

We posted the document because we have heard about Scientology’s high-pressure credit card capers for years and years. But was there specifically something called the Chase Wave?

“I was part of it,” says Mark Fladd, who reached out to us Sunday after our story appeared.~~~ READ MORE


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The "Chase Wave" looks to be a refinement the point of an criminal perfection, of something that has been going on since the 1990s if not the 1980s.....

So make that at least over 30 years....of Credit Card Fraud.

I even had an "upstat" wealthy Public Scientologist tell me it was OK to lie on a Credit Card Application and say I had a high paying job under his business.... to get more credit....back in the 1990s.
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In the 1980s this kind of thing was how I was introduced to the "acceptable truth" concept. If you applied for a loan for scientology services you probably would be refused so you say on the loan application that you are buying a new car. That is what is acceptable to the loan company.