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Ex Scientologist Message Board Redux is the living extension of the Ex Scientologist Message Board Archive Ex Scientologist Message Board and the Ex Scientologist Message Board Web Site
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The ESMB Archive and Web Site contain twelve years of ideas, analysis, experience, opinion, and humor.

The image below is from the cover of a counter culture comix of the early 1970s depicting the scene in San Francisco during the Summer of Love in 1967, when Jesus returned to Earth only to find himself talked into joining staff at the San Francisco Scientology "Org."

Christ returned & joined staff | Ex Scientologist Message Board

The ESMB Archive is usually much calmer than that, but still interesting and informative.

The Archive can be searched most easily using Google with preceding any search term.


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Also, I wish that the posts on OCMB would still be available now.

(I don't know why Andreas stopped it and who influenced him to stop access.)
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