Have you ever been a Boo Hoo?

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This wasn't the Boo-Hoo I was thinking of.

This looks more interesting:

Church clergy, known as Boo Hoos,[note 1] claimed LSD as a sacrament. The original primary religious text of the church was The Boo Hoo Bible: The Neo-American Church Catechism and Handbook (1967),[7] written by Kleps, a mixed-media work integrating comics, news clippings, senate testimonies, and political-religious diatribes.[1] The Boo Hoo Bible has been described as "requiring its reader to transcend the personal in an act that simultaneously simulates and dissimulates, establishing and overcoming the ironic.... present[ing] a cosmology of simultaneity, which Kleps considers essential to psychedelic experience. A radical solipsism emerges that sees all conscious and unconscious life as part of one dream where meaning-making becomes completely associative";[1] it also includes the declaration that the ultimate goal of mankind is (or should be) the bombardment and destruction of the planet Saturn (which hoped-for event was depicted