GO List Of Operations

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In order to commit crimes such as illegal entry, stealing, not to mention causing harm or trouble to another person; you first have to be a fanatic and a brainwashed fanatic at that. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Guardian's Office.


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That's quite a record of $cn. failure.
That's easy to say if you weren't on the receiving end of any of it.

Scientology infesting Clearwater began with Project Normandy.

Scientology's long range plan to harass and blackmail the IRS did, ultimately, succeed, and enabled it to become a multi billion dollar operation.

Author Paulette Cooper's life was made a living hell for the better part of a decade, and possibly would have been destroyed, had it not been for search warrants that had nothing to do with her.

It was an accident that her, and others', information was uncovered. The Feds were not interested in covert operations taken against private citizens and local politicians and officials. They only took action in response to their files being messed with.

And it wasn't all exposed.

And, all of this, being based on "tech," is still part of Scientology's playbook.