Germany: Scientology Patron with Honors "Arne E." helped the anti-Covid-19-lockdown group "Lateral Thinking." The group is under surveillance


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Germany: Scientology Patron with Honors "Arne E." helped the anti-Covid-19-lockdown group "Lateral Thinking" from the starting blocks. The group is under surveillance by the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

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t-online: Scientologist helped "lateral thinking" from the starting blocks

By Lars Wienand
06/29/2021, 8:34 am

Scientologe half "Querdenken" aus den Startlöchern


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There have been many critical questions about who is involved in the organization monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Now there is a new dimension: A long-time Scientologist was one of the first supporters of Michael Ballweg and then apparently continued to be well networked with the organization team. Ballweg and his colleague complain about a campaign.

Arne E. only stood once at the microphone on the big stages of the lateral thinking demos and was not announced with his full name. He is now only using a pseudonym on the Telegram messenger service . He does not press into the public, which is why t-online does not mention his real name here
But Arne E. is a "Patron with Honors" in the Scientology organization. And he apparently helped “lateral thinking” with organizational talent and commitment from the starting blocks.

With the first demo

The history of the Scientologists' cooperation and "lateral thinking" leads back to a time when "lateral thinking" was not yet called that. On April 18, 2020, Ballweg invited to the first registered demo against the corona policy in Stuttgart. It was a manageable event with just two dozen participants. But Arne E. was one of them. He held up a sign on which it was about Articles 5 and 8 of the Basic Law: Freedom of expression and assembly.

Two days later, E. reported to the then 45-member Telegram group from Ballweg. The chats are available t-online. E. wrote that he wanted to help, be a folder. And he asked for a donation account. He's obviously a generous person. In 2017, the craftsman donated $ 100,000 to Scientology. And for this, he and his wife got a photo together with an appreciation in the sect magazine "Impact".

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DW: Coronavirus: Anti-lockdown group put under surveillance in German state

German state to surveil anti-lockdown group


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The State Office for the Protection of the Consitution in the German state of Baden-Württemberg on Wednesday declared that it will begin to surveil a Querdenker, or "lateral thinking," group opposed to coronavirus-related restrictions.

The state office responsible for domestic security, formally classified the group as an object of observation as the group has been "infiltrated by extremists." The announcement comes as federal and state interior ministers prepare to discuss conspiracy myths and ideologies at a conference on Thursday.

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SWR: Scientologist active in lateral thinking-711

29.6.2021 , 8:00 A.M.

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Scientologe bei Querdenken-711 aktiv


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Protection of the Constitution confirms Scientology line

This official line of the Scientology organization has also been confirmed to the SWR by the Baden-Württemberg Office for the Protection of the Constitution. A general downplaying of the pandemic by the Scientology organization or a participation in the protest against the Corona protective measures controlled by it are "not to be determined". The Office for the Protection of the Constitution, however, has "knowledge of individual members of the organization who are involved in protests against state measures to combat the corona pandemic."

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