Freezoner Scott Gordon Is Lying About Karen De La Carriere


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Freezoner Scott Gordon (in the last couple of days) posted a claim in the Facebook group Independent Scientologists that Karen De La Carriere is an "admitted government agent". Evidently he has been pushing this absurd notion in multiple venues for a year or more.

This was my response to that particular comment. Scott deleted his comment and my reply within a few minutes of my posting it; but, he made no apology or retraction (as expected).

Mike Hobson said:
"Scott Gordon "admitted government agent" ?

The only statement I have seen from KDLC one could even remotely spin into "admitted government agent" is the claim on her LinkedIn profile that she was a "project manager" for a civilian contractor (TRW) that makes and operates satellites for the National Reconnaissance Office.

All such projects were "black" (all details classified and compartmentalized) and anyone involved would require various degrees of security clearance depending upon how much they needed to know about any particular project.

I supposed it better suits your "government conspiracy to stop Scientology" fantasy to falsely portray her as a "government agent" rather than "an employee of a civilian contractor with a security clearance", eh ?
Scott was Director of Special Affairs (OSA) for Dallas. He seems totally wrapped around the baseless conspiracy theory that the government secretly took over Scientology and has agents in the Independent Field sabotaging the Independents/Freezoners.

I promptly notified KDLC in case she wishes to take legal action against Gordon for libel or slander.
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