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Independent Scientology and Nation of Islam news


Independent Scientology and Nation of Islam news
The May 2021 issue of Free Thetan magazine published by the the Association of Professional Independent Scientologists.

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As noted in another thread, the book Scientology: The Hidden Philosophy is available for free download at:

NOTE: The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists (APIS) now publishes the Grade Chart of the Independent Reformed Church of Scientology. Michael Moore, the head of APIS, is associated with the Reformed Church of Scientology Mission of Canada.


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Independent Scientology and Nation of Islam news
The June 2021 issue of Free Thetan magazine published by the the Association of Professional Independent Scientologists.

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The Free Scientology World


Outside of the Church of Scientology there is now the Free Scientology World. This is a world in which scientology is studied, used and practiced freely in many variations and forms without let or hindrance. A free Scientology world is not a world free from Scientology. Instead it is a world where one is not bound to any church but is free to be a scientologist. This is an opportunity to create a new world.

This raises ones responsibility level as there is no one behind you tapping you on the shoulder and reminding you to stay on track and on source, apply ethics and conditions and continue up the bridge. There is only the tech, you and the agreements you hold. Ron said,

"There is a basic rule that a psychotic person is concerned with the past, a neurotic person is barely able to keep up with the present, and a sane person is concerned with the future." ‐ Essay, Past, Present and Future

It is no accident that low on the tone scale the concern is with the past, midway with the present at further up the tone scale ones concern is with putting a future there.

This does not mean that one should ignore the past and this is the choice a free scientologist has. He or she can be concerned with the past, operating right now in the future or busy mocking up and creating the future.

However, although it can be fruitful under certain circumstances to look at the past, one must keep in mind the past cannot be changed into something different. Of course one can as‐is the past, make it disappear if viewed thoroughly enough. One can remove any trauma that might be associated with past events. But one cannot change the past events to different events. The present is the moment here and now. It is the opera onal tool to change what is and what can be or will be. It is the demonstration of change and the future is what can be changed.

Everyone develops a goal when they first cognite on or realise the value of Scientology. Whether it is to become an auditor or to get up to OT or to train on the SHSBC or just to enjoy a more fulfilling life. What happens to these goals? Where do they go? How many people actually achieve their goals? How many goals are sidelined, thwarted or even stopped, in favor of 'some other, more important' goal fostered off on the individual? And what can an individual do about it?

An individual can rail against it of course. He can complain and point, "Look what happened to me!" He can continue to vilify and expose the existing church for what we all know it to be. He can continue to look into the past and remember past events and past goals long gone. He can even decide to continue to put the past into the future. Or, he can take a different tack, and look to the future instead for a change.

Have you noticed? There is something about the future that is not generally noticed very much. It is always there. It does not go away. And then, there is an awful lot of it. It just goes on and on. It just never ends. It is like an endless bank account. You can use it up, you can waste it, you can do all sorts of things with it, and it just continues to be there. It is the epitome of infinity. Like a big empty space you can put things in. And never fill up.

And we all have a future. What it is depends solely on what we put into it. Why not put something you like into it?

Such as a previous goal that you have always wanted for example.

"As Man all too easily specializes in stops he tends to stress what SHOULDN'T be done. While this enters into it, remember that it's a STOP. STOPS ALL OCCUR BECAUSE OF FAILED PURPOSES. BEHIND EVERY STOP THERE IS A FAILED PURPOSE. A stuck picture or a motionless org are similar. Each has behind it a failed purpose. THERE IS A LAW ABOUT THIS. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO RESTORE LIFE AND ACTION IS TO REKINDLE THE FAILED PURPOSE. THE STOPS WILL AT ONCE BLOW." OT Orgs Policy Letter

This is the stuff of miracles and applies on the third dynamic just as much as the first. Scientology as a whole encountered a massive stop. Many individuals encountered a stop of one kind or another. But like all stops, it is lesser than the purpose and subject to purpose. I believe that rekindling the purpose of scientology, by mocking up and creating the future we want in the future, will blow any and all stops to the future of scientology. We have the technology to change conditions including:

Persistence: Senior Survival

Affluence Attainment: Doing what has been successful rather than new untried things.
As has been expressed, pouring the coals on the purpose and creating or mocking up the future we want. This is the stuff of miracles. The past is dead and cannot be changed. The present is our tool; our opportunity to change the future and the future is where scientology exists.

Buddha said that no matter how hard the past, you can always beginning again and Ron pointed out that life is in you today and you make your own tomorrow. Let's make a new tomorrow!

As we know, it is the strict adherence to the tech that produces the predicted results of scientology. Anything else is an alter‐is and as a result of this we are often accused of being 'ksw'ers or fanatics. This is basically like accusing us of practicing Scientology and thereby denigrating it to the level of a crime. This is an indica on of suppressive actvvity. It is also interesting that such people are usually the first to point the finger of disconnection. Actual practitioners of scientology are more the welcome with open arms type and it is a communicaion on based philosophy.

Another point worth mentioning is the Black Panther mechanism. Should one avoid entheta? Should one confront it head on? Or should one apply one of the other methods of handling entheta (attack, flee, avoid, neglect or succumb.)?

Certain principles fit with each other here.

The Black Panther mechanism.* The principle of the Winning Valence, The principle of admiration particles, the idea that one should not give a en on to entheta but at the same me not not‐is it, and probably others which I am sure you will know.

So it is the understanding of the technology that gives one the ability to differentiate and strike the correct balance when dealing with SPs, entheta and such like.

*The parable of the black panther. Let us suppose that a particularly black‐tempered black panther is sing on the stairs and that a man named Gus is sing in the living room. Gus wants to go to bed. But there is the black panther. The problem is to get upstairs. There are five things that Gus can do about this panther: (1) he can go a ack the black panther; (2) he can run out of the house and flee the black panther; (3) he can use the back stairs and avoid the black panther; (4) he can neglect the black panther; and (5) he can succumb to the black panther.

These are the five mechanisms: attack, flee, avoid, neglect or succumb." Dianetics: The Modern Science of mental Health.


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Independent Scientology and Nation of Islam news


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Dear Reader,

Scientology is for USE. It is not just a philosophy to contemplate. It is not just for auditing eith. It is for USE. One can use scientology in the bigf wide outside world. Apply the basic principles to daily life. Educate those around you. Use communication and affinity to impoart the rrealities you have discovered. Use the tone scale to raise others tone. As most people are stuck in the lower tones, this is not difficult.

Scientology is for USE.

Even just listening to a lecture once a day or resading a text can make a difference. Auditying isd only part of the picture. Spreading theta far and wide, not just with your close associates and family but on social media all ‘contributes to the motion.’

Scientology is for USE.

Until next time

Much arc,
I find it beyond strange that the head scilon of APIS doesn't care or know how to spell or use spell-checking. I'm mortified for him! :nooo:

He's yapping about how scn is for USE and then is a complete namby-pamby panty-waist dilettante offering up "Listening to a lecture" or reading a book. Posting some theta on social media. Wooohooo!:faceslap:With such brilliant leadership, no wonder the indies are booming.