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There was one temp assignment that I really liked, as a typist. I liked the job, did a good job. I'd learned to type in high school. This particular company later hired me and I was able to totally leave the org, all of the staff and get my own apartment. This was the beginning of the end of me having to work on an org that was so abusive who could not pay me.

But right before that the ED did an "interrogatory" on me
The org didn't want you working at a "wog" job, because it would make you independent of them. Their ideal would be to have you living at a Scn boarding house, and working for minimal pay for a Scn, so that if you ever got in trouble with the org, then you would have no job, no work history (they would deny knowing you if anyone called for a reference) and would be thoroughly screwed.

My guess is the interrogatory was in response to your having an outside job, and them sensing you were unhappy there. They wanted the story to be "we got rid of her because she was bad", rather than "she found a better position and left".

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Hello, I was logging into the old forum and saw that this is the new one .
Has anybody been listening to all the podcast on ex Scientology and Leaving Scientology ? I have .
I was on staff at an org for only 4 years . That was enough time for me.
More than enough time, like 1,460 days too much.:rose: