For Scientology on L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday: A sworn declaration from Mike Rinder!


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Thanks for posting that story and link!

I just finished reading the Declaration, I feel it is not wishful thinking to say that it is not only a stunningly concise, focused and well articulated document---but it is the culmination of decades of trial-and-error (literally "trial", lol) of litigation vs. the COS.

It stands on the shoulders of all earlier efforts to debunk the cult's legal cloaking and I think this may finally be the exact caliber projectile that breaks through the con games bulletproof glass. Every organized crime enterprise and racket has its protections and those defenses invariably have glaring blind spots that can be exploited.

I suspect that this may (finally!) be a pivotal "black swan" moment for the cult of Scientology in its never ending cosmic war against whistleblowers. It would be unthinkable and unpredictable for a cult that has used religious cloaking for over 60 years to expect that anyone can use their own policies to derail them. The fact that Scientology obsessively must put "everything in writing" means that all their crazed, biased and perversely UNJUST policies/scripture are viewable. It matters not that previous judges have been so weak or inept that they let the cult steamroll them. A lot of broken things happen in life until someone finally catches on and repairs it.

I don't think the path is simple, but it is hard to imagine at this point that the Com Ev policies will be allowed to be used in an "arbitration". They are so diametrically opposed, it's a joke---for anyone who actually understands the language that Scientology is speaking. This declaration translates the church's "big lies" into plain english---using THEIR OWN policies.

It's quite a brilliant presentation that Mike and (I assume) a team of lawyers helped craft.

Wishing the parties all the greatest success...this is not a minor declaration, it's something that could well be not only "a game changer" but THE game changer.

Thanks to Mike Rinder and all other parties collaboratively working on this, it's really outstanding!

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