FLDS church, its bishop and a contractor ordered to pay nearly $1 million for making children work without pay for years


Well-known member
Jenna Miscavige portrayed the gruelling work Scn kids were made to do daily

(CNN)A federal judge in Utah ordered the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) and two of its affiliates to pay nearly $1 million for allegedly violating child labor laws when they employed minors on a ranch without paying them for years.
The decision comes after a 2012 video showed women and children working to harvest pecans at a farm in southern Utah. The US Department of Labor had filed a complaint, accusing bishop Lyle Jeffs and his business contractor, Brian Jessop, of illegally hiring the children.


It is high time the SCN cult needs to PAY via a class action law suit, all those children who had to do slave labor.


Scientology is also guilty of breaking Federal labor laws for minimum wage because each org handles pubic and goods across State lines. That's 100% Federal jurisdiction and minimum wage law applies whether you're a church, non-profit or not.