Expert: Scientology’s Grant Cardone ‘helping sell fake stem cell products to the public’

Chuck J.

Election Fraud Has Consequences
He's a money hound that's for sure. I guess 'we are who we are.'
A couple years ago I remember Cardone flogging a cryptocurrency income-making scam whose name I've forgotten, (bitconnect?) with a clownish YouTube "personality" named Scott Davis.

Personally, I like crypto's. Real one's that have actual use cases.
But I don't like people trying to run Ponzi schemes with a fake crypto which is what the scammers behind this one were doing. It failed. BIGLY.
It was a typical Ponzi, Cardone and Davis were the faces / salesmen (opinion leaders, to use the cult terminology) of it.

Researcher and commentator Bix Weir did several video's about it and guesstimated how long it would be before it collapsed. He was pretty close. If I recall correctly this particular crypto scam involved low-level British Royalty and MI6.
And Cardone was in there pitching with Davis trynna make a buck before the suckers caught on to it.

I was hoping it would messily involve the $cn. cult thru Cardone but it was all nicely swept under the rug.

Anyway, if Grant Cardone is selling something, anything...... run as fast as you can in the other direction. Huckster deluxe.

I finally saw a video of him recently. Is that weird downhome accent he does for real? I'm thinking it's not.
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