Evie Cook November 22, 1951 - October 6, 2021 RIP


Well-known member

Evie Cook was a long term GOLD staff member.
At least 20 years,
Her escape was a thriller and I should dig it up and post it.

Steve Cook posted this today >>>>

As much as I admired Evie's artwork I didn't want the only picture of her on this site to be of her clever Halloween make-up as the "Zombie single-mom"......
After her well planned escape from the Int Base in 2006 she settled in Santa Clarita area and was active in the artist community there and also the Blues Society having done design work for the CDs of many of the musicians.
We married in 1998 until my demise at the Int Base which forced me to leave and move back to my Home town of Portland Oregon in 2004. We stayed in touch over the years and visited on occasion finally deciding a year ago that she would move up here so we could both benefit financially and otherwise. For myself I was thrilled at the prospect of having her around again as we always got along well .... she was just fun to have around!
In May of this year we moved her and her stuff up here to Portland. Unbeknownst to either of us she had late stage colon cancer that had already metastasized into her liver so the game plan had become getting her treated so she could enjoy a few years here in the Pacific Northwest. However the cancer had taken it's toll and she peacefully passed away here at home on Oct 6.

Our time here has been my greatest joy and my greatest heartache.Evie.Cook.RIP.jpg