Eureka! Clearwater Scientology member sells quantum protection from 5G and Covid 19


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An actual email conversation, edited lightly only for clarity.

The Bunker: We’re wondering if there’s some relationship between L. Ron Hubbard’s concept that “life is a static” and your description of hyperspace and quantum physics that you have at your website for ProtectPro Technology. Are Scientology concepts compatible with the products you are selling?

Norbert Heuser: Thank you very much for contacting me and your interest in our products. Where do you live? How did you find out about me if you do not mind me asking? My work has no affiliation with Scientology or Hubbard whatsoever.~~~ READ MORE



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Protection from 5G? Who needs that.

I could use some protection from the 3Bs though.

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Does he sell that?


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Bogus scam. He wants $295 for a piece of plastic the size of a half dollar.

The place that "certifies" his scam, the BESA Institute in Austria is nowhere to be found on internet search - except in his web-site.