Episode 9: Steve Cannane


Karen - Very glad to know he has an excellent team that represented him. He handles the subject very passionately AND respectfully. Plus, thanks to his book I was better acquainted with Janis’ story and her subsequent books (which were excellent and a very important perspective IMHO). Hoping the court rules in his favor - this was absoluteridiculousness for he and his publisher. Hopefully it drove some add’l sales of his book!

PS - I didn’t get a chance to login to the blog or here in a timely fashion on your Alex’s anniversary, but I very much wanted to send hugs and warm thoughts your way. Your activism honors him and keeps his story out there, which must be hard for you at times. Plus as I’ve said for years, your story was one that took me from a never-in observer just minimally impacted by co$ for a short while, to a level of commitment to support the courage of you all who work so hard to expose and hopefully bring to justice in a way we haven’t seen, esp your videos & Jeffrey’s excellent site. (I’m also Jenyfurrr on Tony & Mike’s blog)

edited for late-night spelling 🥴