Episode 13: Listener Questions Part 1


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EXCERPT from blog:
Tonight we have the first “Listener Q & A” episode.

I will post the link as soon as its available.

We asked you for questions and you came through! Many more than we could possibly answer in a single episode. So, we will no doubt do more of these.

Your question may have made the list this week. We covered a broad range of topics, from scientologists coming back after death, to the 411 on Leah’s fingernails.


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Well, one of my questions was answered. :blink:

The OSA archives one - well, that's unexpected. I was thinking the archive/transcript questions would be the least likely ones to get answered, as I assumed these would be rather hermetic and uninteresting for the general public.

As for the reply itself - I speculated and suspected that the OSA files must be in some way different, because they would sometimes come to us and ask us for some information and it was obvious that for them it is some missing piece of a bigger picture puzzle - a picture that continental ethics didn't have. Now I know for sure, thanks Mike.

Mike also confirmed my suspicion that the OSA archives contain information not found anywhere else in scientology and that information was not being "fed downwards" into the general ethics docs.

I'm grateful for that answer. I still hope some of my other questions would get an answer in the next Q&A installment.
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