Episode 11: “The Vow’s” Mark Vicente


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EXCERPT from blog:
We have an amazing episode of Fair Game podcast this week, speaking to Mark Vicente. If you have not been watching The Vow on HBO I highly recommend it.

It is the story of Keith Raniere and the NXIVM cult, told from the perspective of a number of former senior people in Raniere’s organization, including Mark.

We had a terrific conversation with him about the similarities between NXIVM and scientology — and there are MANY. We also talked about patterns of high control organizations and the larger picture.


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Another good podcast.

Also, while I knew Leah's story this is one of the very few times that I'm aware of that Leah is describing her headspace when she was inside. Especially timestamp 52.10- 52.52

"And I thought I was saving the organization. I thought one day there there'd be a big medal for me. I'm gonna fix it! I'm gonna fix it because there are some things here that are workable".

I think this statement from Leah for me was powerful, because it struck very close to home. That was my headspace for quite some time: "I'm gonna fix it". Its bizarre that at some point we were both thinking that Dave is the problem.
Of course Leah being the by-the-book person wrote a report on him and Tom. I, being the skip-the-book person that I am, I was just thinking a good coup would do the job.