Enforcement to address Miscavige's Dog as SIR and how he is like Roman Emperor Caligula.


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It is of note in history that there was a slow descent into extreme madness by Roman Emperor Caligula.
In Rome 40B.C. Emperor Cayo Julio Cesar Augusto Germanico, known as “Caligula” appointed his beloved horse “Incitatus” for consul and priest, in a new proof of his insanity.
Roman people suffered his sadism everyday. Among his best known insanities, we find the castration of the gladiator “Longinus” because he had a a longer penis than his.
killing for mere amusement. He deliberately caused starvation. Once at some games at which he was presiding, he ordered his guards to throw an entire section of the crowd into the arena during intermission to be eaten by animals because there were no criminals to be prosecuted and he was bored (Wikipedia)
Now why do I relate David Miscavige to Caligula ?
It's because Miscavige's EXTREME cruelty and ATROCITIES have gotten progressively worse.
And while Caligula anointed his horse as his priest and Consul, Miscavige by several reports has forced Sea Org members to salute his dog and address his dog as "Sir".
Sea Org members who are thrown out in the fields for weeks at a time, to eat a diet of Oliver Twist Slop and wash only with a garden hose, have been treated as sub humans.
BUT Miscavige's BEAGLE is to be saluted ~~~~
"He got his beagle and he literally had somebody tailor a blue vest sweater for his beagle dog and made up epaulets, these Sea Org ranks in the Sea Organization," said Rathbun, referring to the religious order within the Church. "And he had four stripes put on, captain, for the dog. And he would bring the dog in. And if those guys didn't salute the dog, he would just viciously berate them and invalidate them."
Amy Scobee gave her account. "[Miscavige] comes with his dog, with a sweater, with commander stripes. And, the dog let out a little bark when she saw me. And, uh, David Miscavige said, you know ... 'You've got somethin' goin' on. Because sh ... she is detecting out ethics. And you have something going on.' I think what the dog was really saying is, you know, 'You look like the only halfway sane person to me. Help me outta this outfit.'"
Tommy Davis lies and denies it.
(RTC members who eye witnessed Miscavige demand for respect and saluting of his dog who DM claimed could detect "out ethics" by sniffing) Marty Rathbun also revealed the demand for Sea Org members to salute the beagle on National TV.


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Saluting a dog, that's wacka-doodle. They salute and cheer to a picture on a wall so how much of a step is it to saluting a dog?

It'd be funnier if it was a Chihuahua in a man purse hanging from his shoulder.