Doug Kramer OT 3

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This is really good. Thank you for telling your story. I can’t wait to hear the rest of it!
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The chain smoking indicates to me that he probably isn't ready to tell his story. When he get around to doing it, it may be quite interesting.


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This is great, I luv it. Keep it coming. And keep smoking.

I like his angle on the secret society, for it's true. Hubbard called it the Mystery Sandwich in his marketing and PR Series. The whole idea of the mystery sandwich was to get somebody interested and involved and to string them along up the Bridge to Total freedom, with OT3 being the ultimate mystery solved, but yet it is about BT's, that was the mystery,

and secret society for no scientologists, it is forbidden, can tell of the OT3 story.


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Pt 2.5/“The Goonies”
This guy uses my terminology "defector" (not anti, not "blown, not "SP) and has adopted a neat orderly numbering system for his videos. Man after my own heart, I like this guy already.