Did Hubbard "channel Scientology"?


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Not everybody may be aware, but after Ron went Clear, he had three bouts of pneumonia
in one year and was advised by his doctor to leave England and go to a warmer climate. This
is mentioned in a private letter made public during the Armstrong trial and brought to light
by Attorney Michael Flynn. In the letter, Hubbard said he wanted this kept hushed up and
Scientology public mustn't find out about it.

Was also mentioned in a newspaper interview:
'Mr. Hubbard arrived in Rhodesia early in May from Johannesburg, where he had flown in January 1966​
after “a third bout of pneumonia following which my doctors advised me to leave Britain” — according​
to a newspaper interview in Salisbury.'​
Source: Peter Younghusband, Salisbury, Wednesday, July 14, 1966
In an interview in the Rhodesia Sunday Mail he said he had left his stately home in Britain on doctor's orders
after a third attack of pneumonia. 'I am really supposed to be on vacation,' he explained . . . .​
Bare-Faced Messiah

It apparently didn't enter his mind that his prior tech -- clearing -- might be flawed. No, he had
to do further research to solve his then problem -- recurring pneumonia -- and that's when he
came up with the risk thing and OTIII, which alludes to a "pneumonia risk."

Again, another instance of "running LRH's case," as some have put it.
no, Ron never went clear nor OT. Mayo confirmed this, Ron thought he could clear and OT only because he read success stories and C/S'd.

Ron thought success stories are proof. And he rhetorically promoted it. LOL

The guy was no scientist but only claimed he was thru his words.

His words are only rhetoric: the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.


A cow flew out of my butt once in a morphic field. But I don’t want to talk about it.

this legend is also true and untrue. But mostly untrue.
Please don't tell us! We might die because not enough people have run it yet! Hold on while I get my 40-year-old Mark V out of the closet ... :unsure:


Wasn't Hubbard a.... I forget the exact word Mystic used. But a combination of 247 mal-entities from the lower etheric? I always wondered if he was serious about that statement.
A tulpa. He was asked on multiple occasions to explain that statement but never did.

Wikipedia article, for what it's worth.

Edit: Doesn't seem Hubbs could have been a tulpa since we know he was born a human being, who his parents were, etc. Assuming there even are such things.

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I left in 1978, also in LA. I wonder if I knew you.
My opinion on OT3:
The OT3 incident 2 is both true and not true.
Did it actually physically take place on our past track of this planet? No. It did not.
Is it a real, accessible incident which can be audited? Yes.
Inc 2 is what I call a "morphic field legend"; "morphic field" is Rupert Sheldrake's term for what Hubbard called a group mind. It's also an example of 'bleed' from a parallel time track, which has infected this timeline and became a legend. The incident is present in the planet's morphic field (local subset of the 6th dynamic field), where it can be located and viewed. In traditional terms, it exists in a "lower plane", the lower astral.

And just for the record, there are many morphic field legends, bled over in the same manner, in the readings of Edgar Cayce, and also in some parts of Filbert's Excalibur Revisited. There are events which didn't happen here, and which influence individuals and indeed, whole societies. These events can and should be processed, despite their not being actually experienced by the PC running them. My only caveat is to be careful. A single person's morphic field (thetan + body) is no match for higher, more powerful fields. Hubbard's warning that OT3 can kill the unwary was probably true at the time. But OT3 has diminished in dangerousness. This diminution alone is an indicator that Inc 2 is from a morphic field. The more people run it, the weaker it gets because it so many have reduced it. The mechanics of morphic fields are that number of owned members in the field controls whether the field dominates or is dominated by other morphic fields. There is a growing population of those who have run it, it no longer dominates as much, and will in the future fade away.
This has intrigued me. Over here we have the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, which some people now believe to have happened but in a different dimension, i.e. not on this Earth; could that be another example of the morphic field legend you're referring to? There are other things too, like the legend of Atlantis (known to Plato but distrusted by modern archaeologists), which could fit the bill.
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