Dianetics at 70: Scientology’s bible, endorsing child molestation since May 9, 1950


Self-Born Unicorn
I remember being utterly shocked by the paragraph in question, when I first read it 31 years ago (and every subsequent time I have encountered it in printed or online materials). I went through an elaborate turn around to try to understand the sentence and ended up every time with the same justification (as it didn't make sense at all that LRH would be advocating a man kissing a 7 years old girl in a "passionate" (sexual) way, given the general aims of the book).

I finally settled with a translation of "passionate" to "intense" (as would be in enthusiastic or happy) and as this was a recurrent thing of Hubbard weird use of words sometimes. I had even to reassure myself by forcing myself to visualize a hypothetical very happy man (be it a father, brother or cousin or else) greeting that hypothetical girl with an effusive kiss on the cheek (as in France this greeting with a kiss on the cheeks is very common, not only one but two, three for family members and even four between really close family members!).

However, I never really felt good with this tweaked self-explanation. The feeling I got was still "dark and dirty", so to speak.

As of today, and in view of all the pedophilic-related activities he seemed to indulge in (plus the fact that in his views, "children are adults"), I am now convinced that it was a "slip of the tongue", in the Freudian sense.

Vile and disgusting. :puke2: