David Miscavige, high school dropout and Scientology cult dictator ~~ some Truth Revealed ~ Part 1


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This video depicts some truths about the Scientology dictator who's own father called RUTHLESS.
Miscavige takes a lot of glory for the Scientology cult IRS Tax exemption.
Actually many many people worked on it and they did it sincerely believing Scientology's hideous conduct, frantic pressures, constant agitation would calm down if Tax Exemption was gotten.
(The cult owed $1 billion in back taxes.)
In actuality Miscavige escalated his gruesome and monstrous conduct, now believing he was invincible.
0:00 Intro 1:51 Who is David Miscavige ?
Parents brought David Miscavige to St. Hill to cure his asthma
2:52 David Miscavige was considered a child prodigy until he punched his own pc. (He was the Counselor and punched the client taking counseling
4:51 The urge to punch was in David Miscavige even at 12 years old. His family called him "Little Hitler" because when he went violent, he was extremely violent.
6:12 The monster we have today is a Mob boss type who has used violence for YEARS. Punching, beating body slamming.
7:58 The Intern Supervisor forbid any discussion of this incident
10.00 This story got posted on Marty Rathbun's blog and then I jumped in and corroborated
11.00 How does a small cult of 30,000 raise to Government level. (Scientology got banned in Australia ~ later overturned.
12.00 David Miscavige served L Ron Hubbard with $1 million dollars a week in a suitcase and became a favorite.
14:00 12 ex Sea Org members went to Tampa Bay Times and told of their beatings on camera. There was a beating EVERY DAY at the hierarchy called INT Base. CNN's Anderson Cooper did 10 episodes of this called "Scientology, a History of Violence"
16:00 Scientology punishments are often sleep deprivation. A common punishment was not being allowed to sleep in one's own bed. People had to go sleep in the bushes, in the land (wilderness)and water hoses would go off on them while they tried to sleep.
18:00 These ex members that came forward did so in spite of retaliation and revenge which is a keynote of David Miscavige
20:00 David Miscavige's foul language was notorious and famous.
21:00 Marc Headley wrote the book on it called "Blown of Good" The Bible on the beating culture of the cult
23:00 The ravenous greed for money goes a long ways to firewall Miscavige with the most expensive law firms and many Private Investigators to protect him.
24:00 Many people worked hard to help SCN get Tax exemption thinking the cult was stressed due to owing the IRS $1 billion. BUT as soon as the cult got Tax exemption they ESCALATED their hideous conduct and did not calm down at all. They now believed they were invincible
29:00 David Miscavige describing himself ~~ self adulation #Scientology #DavidMiscavige #MythVision