Damned good Essay ! It is significant that popular culture and media are WAKING UP !


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You’ve probably seen the wild interview with Tom Cruise where he rants about the benefits of Scientology. He claims only Scientologists can help victims of car accidents, that only Scientologists can rehabilitate criminals, unite cultures and bring world peace.


Excerpt :
When Mike Rinder left Scientology after twenty five years of membership, he was labeled an SP. The same goes for many people who leave the church. Members within the church are not allowed to have any contact with SPs, which means that Mike Rinder’s escape from the iron grasp of Scientology has made him unable to have contact with his two adult children.

Rinder cohosts the A&E show Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, in which he recounts instances of the church stalking him. They:

Rinder was at a doctor’s appointment when he was am
bushed by a group of Scientology operatives
, one of which was his ex-wife.

These types of bizarre behavior are happening all over the country, and it’s painful to see actors we hold in high regard choosing to actively or passively support the church.

It’s equally maddening to witness the silence of others in the industry who are not speaking out against this.

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