Cult of Scientology, "Religion" but uses only force, punishment with no forgiveness or mercy Part 2


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My last video got cut off at 17 minutes. This is the rest of the video, The Cult asks "Curious?" Well, this answers what goes on behind those curtains so carefully hiding inside conduct from outside view. Ron and I were in the Sea Org living and breathing all this for decades til we reached a threshold and exited.

Reposted with permission of Ron Miscavige with whom I did this interview a year ago.


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Remember when sec checks became weaponized? I do. I was "asked" to establish a second c/s office at FOLO and c/s sec checks, which I would find out, would result in RPF assignments. The auditor for the project was Spike Bush. ( pretty ironic name, don't ya think? ) All this happened not so coincidentally, shortly before my decision to render my resignation, once my plan was penciled in.
The idea emerged in my mind, that we were now all aboard a social experiment. I know, seemed like a crazy idea, so diametrically opposed to everything we had been led to believe. I just could not shake the idea, and reality was pounding on the door, demanding answers.
I remember sitting down with Spike in the office, looking at each other, knowing what we were both thinking, but not verbalizing. It was pretty
clear what we were seeing and what we were doing, but the circumstances only allowed for limited choices.
I had no way of knowing that the experiment had been carried out more than a decade earlier, and the results quite compelling. In fact,
it would not be for several decades afterwards, that I would understand the significance of the experiment.

The question always rings in my ears, regardless of the organization, group, company, country, ideology, religion or virtual sphere.
Ya know, Evil, it's not just for cults, anymore, but perhaps, that's a good place to run simulations. My takeaway... it ain't just them.

The punchline:

Here's the crash course.

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