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okay, so i have to ask -- if you'd applied those standards to, say, LRH's claims of over 200 cases on file when you first read Dianetics, wouldn't you have not accepted such things at face value and thus avoided getting involved with his 'work', and not ended up defending him or questioning criticism of him now?

and aren't double standards, a form of fallacy?
First, since you are obviously disputing my assertion that nobody here (except maybe Gerry Armstrong) has ever seen the actual Ron Hubbard hand-written Affirmations, please answer yes or no: have you personally ever examined the several hundred page document of Ron Hubbard handwritten pages Gerry Armstrong filed with the court back in 1984 (called The Affirmations or Admissions) or a true copy of the same ? This is not a difficult question.

If you have, how did you obtain such a true copy when the court records are sealed and the originals are locked up in the LRH Archives ?

Omar Garrison died in 1997, so you sure didn't get a copy from him and Armstrong sure didn't get it from him either:

Gerry Armstrong (A.R.S. 2000) said:
Not all that long ago, someone sent me a copy of the set of writings which follow, written by L. Ron Hubbard in or about 1947.

After that, do please link any communication from me in the last 30 years where I have ever said I believe one single word uttered by Ron Hubbard just because he said so. You can find several dozen very clear statements by me on these forums, the original ESMB, and in other venues (like the /r/scientology subreddit) that I do not and never have.
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