Critical Clips


I clap to no man
It's too funny, here is the secret beginning of OT levels, Hubbard's famous rhetoric speech called RJ67 which by the way he made money on selling this taped recording as well did the DM run COS, LOL.

RJ67 means Ron's Journal 1967.

It's a secret, but yet they sell the lecture,

the work was free so keep it so,


I used to believe what Ron said and wrote, my bad.



I clap to no man
good vid by Chris. Of course, the line of thinking with the missed withhold and O/W's is earlier similar, just like in Dianetics - just get the first engram, and boom, the person is on the way to clear. Of course there are many chains of engrams and O/W's etc. All the way up the Bridge to so called freedom.

And of course Hubbard made lots of bucks selling lectures and books explaining it all, plus workers in the Sea Org for free labor essentially.

Wow, what a racket hidden under the rhetoric of helping people to go free from pain, whether mental or physical.


Mikael Blomkvist
These are actually great clips. Well spoken and to the point. Chris is super-smart. Thanks for posting. :thumbsup: