Compilation: cowboy's posts from ESMB . . . a remarkable first-hand history


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Some new members and drive-by visitors might not know about this PDF compilation
of historical remembrances by a fella named cowboy on ESMB. cowboy worked
alongside of Hubbard from the early 70's through the latter 70's. He saw the man
up close and personal. Some of the most interesting reading I've run across.

cowboy's family was in the SO . . . on the ship Apollo, then
cowboy worked at Hubbard's secret La Quinta bolt-hole.

"I spent thousands of hours over many years in daily contact with the man.​
I experienced first hand more than most could even imagine."​

cowboy was roped in early. cowboy was a messenger
for Hubbard as a teen and young man for quite a few years.
". . . I started working at about 12."​
"I'm deluged still with thoughts and sorrows and regrets, acceptance of the harm I directly caused others through following orders. Hitler's orders to his staff were not enough to free them from consequences for their War Crimes. I can make excuses, but, in many ways I caused harm. I remember convincing someone to join the SO, to bring her family and young children in, to see her a year later in the RPF, her kids being worked like adults, being haunted by the unspoken accusation in her glance, "Why did you take me and my family away from the world we knew, for this?" her gaze said to me. Whatever happened to her, I wonder. Did she and her children leave, or did I rob them of their childhood like mine was robbed from me?"​
~ excerpt from cowboy's final post on ESMB ~

Here's a gift from ESMB. A compiled PDF of all of cowboy's posts. If you haven't
read them, you should. They're the most illuminating insights into Scientology
and Hubbard's later years. All the original members of ESMB rave about them.
So well spoken and poignant. I'll vouch for cowboy's actuality and authenticity.

The PDF compilation is hosted on MediaFire and I've scanned the PDF at VirusTotal.

cowboy threads PDF

Make sure to read the brief description of the formatting conventions at the top,
so you don't get confused reading through it.

Original thread on ESMB

This is a potent "red pill." Enjoy. :hattip:


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Janis Gilham Grady seated me beside Cowboy at a Las Vegas get together so we had an evening and dinner together and discussed his ESMB thread.

Cowboy is affable, likeable and now a successful Medical Doctor to boot ! He made is all through Med school and has a thriving practice.

Just wanted all to know he landed on his feet....more than a happy ending !