Closing Orgs in “The Greatest Era of Expansion in Scientology History”


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Holy hell! HIGH treason!

I hadn't realized the seriousness of the crime. Before reading that I only thought that combining day/night stats was MEDIUM treason.

What kind of despicably malevolent misfits would ever sabotage mankind in that way?!

I mean, I cannot even imagine a more evil act than putting checks received before 5pm on the same graph as checks received after 5pm!

Those diabolical DBs deserve to dine alone in the dark---or die alone in the dark---or something really bad that makes them suffer and lose their eternities. How in hell does anyone think they are going to actually get away with such High treason, High crimes and High suppressive graph crimes---where things that happened after dinner are counted on the same graph as something that happened the same day before dinner!!!