Clearwater Elections Today — Vote for Mark Bunker


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EXCERPT from blog:
If you are a resident of Clearwater, please exercise your right to vote today.

As I have said since he announced his candidacy, I wholeheartedly support Mark Bunker for Seat 2 on the Clearwater City Council.

Mark has changed the landscape of city politics in Clearwater by simply being in the race. He has forced those running for office to have to confront the issue of scientology and its impact on the local community. With no political history and no real “campaign” organized, it has been a word of mouth, grassroots effort.


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I am not from Clearwater and never was (it was one of the two places I avoided like the plague even when I was inside - that and Gold).

But I will keep an eye on the election and hope Mark wins.

I have no idea though what his chances are.