*Church* of Scientology shakedowns for money extortion, gangs of 4 and overwhelm


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The cult even bill dead people's cards where relatives have not shut down the accounts yet !

This video depicts the vulture culture of money extortion. Typically a gang of 4 Sea org members descend on a person even very late and night for money extortion with outrageous promises of how it is the right thing to do to fork over all your cash to Scientology to *save* the planet. It is usually 4 against 1. Sometimes they are all dressed in navy uniform impersonating senior military executives. I also cover the outrageous credit card fraud where the credit card on account is billed unauthorized charges. FRAUD. This cost them American Express privileges in major "cherches" for some years.

Interview done with Ron Miscavige, father of David Miscavige where I am a regular guest. These interviews are mirrored to my channel with Ron's permission.