Bryan Seymour ~~ Australian journalist who has done over 120 shows exposing the cult


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Bryan Seymour keeps Tony Ortega in the loop on breaking news from Australia.

I was struck by something Bryan said on THE AFTERMATH where he was a guest with Leah and Mike.

In an incident of FAIR GAME, the cult tried to through him off track to lose his presence. The OSA bot whispered in his ear
You came from an ORPHANAGE !

Bryan explained how OSA thought this might be a huge button. How distasteful. How Ecclesiastical :)


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Bryan has had a lot of Fair Game directed at him by OSAspawn. Funny how none of it has “caved in the SP” like it’s supposed to. Especially when one considers the sheer amount of stories he’s done on the kult’s crimes and abuses.

But like all things Hubbardian, it seems to have the opposite effect to what it’s supposed to.