Briefing to OT Ambassadors by Chairman of the Board RTC Maiden Voyage Anniversary 2004 Part 2


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This is also a good example of how slooooow Scientology is. Look at all of that stuff, that is basically GAT II right there. This video was 2004, it wasn't released until 2013. They spent 9 years doing I'm not sure what before releasing things. Scientology has zero time pressure, they never worry about getting something done in a timely manner. Look at this latest evolution, some orgs have been there for a year when they were told it was only going to be a few months. Scientology operates in this weird time bubble.

Chuck J.

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In a word...... no.
I just can't.
20 to 30 seconds, MAX.

I'd rather be duct-taped to a chair, have my eyeballs held open with toothpicks and be forced to watch 24/7 re-runs of Moisha or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


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Can you watch more than 5 minutes of this ?

I watched half.

The only thing cringier than Miscavige's pretentiously sleazy lies about his technical "breakthroughs/discoveries" was the audience's reactions.

They expressed gasping awe and laughter at all the right cues.

Except they were awestruck by LIES and laughing where there were no PUNCHLINES.

Seriously. Audience members would laugh at moments where they assumed he was telling a joke. They didn't hear any joke and didn't notice that he wasn't telling a joke. But they dutifully laughed anyways. It was so bizarre. They even laughed when he was seriously making some point because they wanted to obediently laugh at the moment of the punchline.

Pathetic stuff. But that's what makes a cult a cult.