Book -- The Analytical Mind: What to Audit After Clearing, by Rod Martin


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Book -- The Analytical Mind: What to Audit After Clearing, by Rod Martin.

Kindle $3.99
Martian Publishing (March 4, 2012)
58 pages

Paperback $7.99
October 12, 2012
56 pages

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This book was designed for people familiar with the processes of L. Ron Hubbard, specifically in Dianetics and Scientology. It may not make much sense to others but still it is intended to be a humorous look at metaphysics and self-improvement.

Having been a counselor in Hubbard's church for many years, Rod Martin set out on a new direction in life, researching new frontiers beyond any he had previously encountered.

This book is a culmination of that research and tends to read a bit like science-fiction and a bit like satire but is intended to be neither.

For those who have advanced in Scientology into the upper levels and wonder what they can tackle next - rather than simply having remedial sessions on material previously covered - this is a must read.

Mr. Martin passed away in 1992 after many years as a research chemist, systems analyst for NASA, a Scientology practitioner, and finally a past-lives counselor.

This is among several of the works he wrote during that latter phase of his life.

He always wrote tongue in cheek. Not only did he intend his metaphysics to be enjoyed, he assumed the only way to advance further mentally, emotionally, or spiritually was through humor.

Nothing was to be taken seriously.

I can hear him laughing still

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