Blasphemy - A New Inquisition? The Return of Christian Fascism


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What we have here is an LGBT musician in Poland whose stage performance seems to revolve around displaying contempt for Catholicism,

Such cases in Poland are not uncommon. You only have to look at Adam Darski himself. The singer has faced multiple previous lawsuits over the past 13 years for allegedly offending religious feelings by ripping up a Bible and setting fire to crosses on stage or writing a song praising the murderers of Bishop Adalbert, the patron saint of Poland.
There's another ongoing high-profile trial of three activists accused of the same offence for allegedly putting up posters and stickers depicting the "Black Madonna", an icon venerated by Polish Catholics, with a halo of LGBT rainbow colours. A verdict is expected on Tuesday.
His blasphemy charges appear profitable to him, with him raising $17,000 in contributions to challenge paying a fine of €3,340.

I challenge him to stage a performance in France or Germany, and display open contempt for Islam, and see what that gets him. My bet is he would not dare. He is willing to display contempt towards Catholicism in Poland, because it is safe for him to do so, and because it earns him points from his fans.
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On a broader subject of blasphemy, we have it in the US as well, but with much harsher punishments.

Not blasphemy against Christianity, but blasphemy against "woke-ism".

Just try making statements that incur the wrath of BLM, Antifa, transgenders, or the LGBTQ community in general, statements which are objectively and provably true, and see what happens to you and your employability.

Just try burning an LGBT or BLM flag, and see what happens.

Just try defacing a statue of chronic criminal George Floyd, or a BLM flag painted on the street, and see how energetic the police get in trying to find you.
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Who cares what christians and wokebots do in Poland of all places? Let Poles worry about that.