Between lives elapsed time?


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It's all personal experience and varies.
In 1964, when I was about 4 1/2 years old, I had a mishap with a Browning Hi-Power 9mm I have written about previously. This resulted in a gunshot wound to the upper left chest, close to my heart.

There was an explosion of brilliant white light and I found myself in another spiritual realm. It was an endless white space filled with points of light like stars, but with rainbows coming out of them like the fuzzy umbrellas of dandelion seeds.

It seemed like I spent 20-30 minutes there, during which interval I conversed with certain spirits in thought. I was offered the choice to stay with them and be happy forever, or return here to this life on Earth on an important mission to help others spiritually. I chose to return and experienced something like a cinematic crossfade from that realm back into my body, where I was met with physical agony worse than any other pain I have experienced in this life.

The physical universe elapsed time could have been no more than a minute or so, as folks rushed out the house to find me gravely wounded and began to care for me. Yes, time flows very differently on "the other side" in my experience.
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