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Just wanted to say "hi." I used to post on OCMB under the same handle, and also under Squirrel when Galileo became unavailable for some reason. I seldom post anymore but I like to read what others say.

I was the one who started the thread: "You know you've been in Scientology too long if......." That was the most therapeutic thing I did to get over Scientology.

I am sorry the OCMB is no longer accessible. I used to like to view old threads to reinforce my rejection of Scientology. If anyone knows where those might be archived I would love to revisit some threads.


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Any reason given on why OCMB is no longer available?
Ask Andreas Heldal-Lund

His e-mail address is on this webpage:

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I may be wrong but my understanding is that OCMB was NOT sponsored by Andreas, but was set up by another person or persons, who are no longer able to host it or moderate it.

It may have been the person with the handle "Don Carlo," who has been a moderator for the message board for many years. I had just re-established my original handle "Galileo" with Don Carlo on OCMB when the entire board disappeared a few months later. Is it something I did?

BTW, I have used my original avatar here from OCMB, a Colorado columbine. I did that so "old timers" would know it is really me.

You may have been in Scientology too long if: you have a panic attack when the OCMB is no longer available. ☺


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The site's been down for months and many have contacted him. My guess is it isn't coming back anytime soon.


Since I have a little time on my hands I will try to contact Andreas.

I like this MB and think it serves the same purpose, but it would be nice to access the archives of OCMB.