Are any thorough & balanced?


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I agree that is true for 1st gen but not true for 2nd gen.
People always have and always will raise their children in their own chosen religion with good intentions. Enlightened or non fundamentalist parents allow their children to make their own choice about religion or faith when they come of age. That's life.

My mother put me in Sunday School when I was seven or eight years old but I got kicked out for being too rambunctious or something. Mom wasn't too upset and Dad was not a church goer so he was probably on my side. :)

My paternal grandmother was a devout Methodist Christian who told me angels helped her and they would help me too if I asked them.
She also believed in astrology and gave readings to people in the 1950's. Her opinion on that was, "God created the Heavens so we can admire and interpret them." So maybe I have some ancestral or genetic inclination which got me into Scientology? (just joking - another hypothetical question without a provable answer)
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