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The thing is, the original Ron Hubbard advice from c.1980 very specifically talked about "cheap coal tar based fragrance". The artificial fragrance added to cosmetics and cleaning products contained (and still contains) large quantities of aromatic (Benzene derived organic molecules which have strong odors) compounds which have been found to be nearly uniformly carcinogenic.

Hubbard himself never banned plant-based natural essential oil scents. These are generally not lung irritants and are certainly not carcinogenic.

The following linked peer-reviewed paper published by the National Institute for Health in January of this year (2021) titled Essential Oils as Natural Sources of Fragrance Compounds for Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals strongly mirrors Hubbard's actual assertions in that "advice". (link)

The Sea Ogre "perfume" insanity is a classic example of Verbal Tech and failed Word Clearing. I'm guessing this bullshit ban on all perfume originated with David "Darth Midget" Miscavige and demonstrates his typical malicious misapplication of Hubbard writings.
In my day, it was pretty much everything that had any smell. Women got in trouble for f-ing vanilla soap. I know a person who got in trouble for chewing juicy fruit gum, because it made someone think they used scented products.

We had a serious discussion if an antiperspirant that is not scented is ok or not. Finally there was a decision that it is ok. But around summer 2004 it was stll unclear, so people went around stinky and sweaty. Then some people got in trouble over that because of "downtone hygiene" or some such nonsense.

"Damned if you do, damned if you don't". Typical cult doublebind.