Anyone here from Alt Religion Scientology circa 2000/2001 ?


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Some of you may remember me from A.R.S. as "Jay Random User". After my SP declare and expulsion in November 2005, I started signing my right name and Indie affiliation to all Jay Random User posts because of one too many people falsely accusing me of hiding said affiliation.

I first became involved with A.R.S. back in 1993, when I was still the SHSBC Course Admin (and many other hats) at ASHO Foundation. I had access to it via Jack Farmer's dial-up Crusader BBS (FidoNet connected). This was before OSA learned about A.R.S. and decided the most pro-survival thing to do was piss off every single newsgroup server admin on the global Internet.

For those of you who disliked my good friends. employers and (briefly) former business partners Jack Farmer and Sally Hooper, Jack reported A.R.S. as an "ARC-Broken Field" situation and requested help from trained ARC-Break auditors to "handle it". OSA's response (presumably ordered by David "Darth Midget" Miscavige - I'm only guessing because Mike Rinder still refuses to explain exactly how his OSA INT Internet Investigations Unit came into existence), was to run Counter-Intelligence operations against A.R.S. and the rest is now history.
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