Anyone here from Alt Religion Scientology circa 2000/2001 ?




Broke ranks over 10 years ago, never looked back
Hello and welcome.

Back in 2000/2001 I was still a part of the cult.


Broke ranks over 10 years ago, never looked back


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Hi, I'm Phineas Fogg, if you remember me from the old ARS days, please say hi!

Is this a very busy board?
Hi Phineas,
I spent some time on ARS as well as around 1997. I wasn't really active and read mostly.
I left $cientology in 1990. It was very exciting, and often funny, to read these messages.
Many years after that did you get phone calls from CofS trying to get you back in (i.e. recovery attempts)?
I moved a lot, and changed my phone number a lot, in the 70s, 80s. Also, I didn't leave in a formal way, I just stopped going and pretty much sought non scientologists as friends But, in early 2000s, I hooked up with an ex-scientologists group, meeting once a month, through Tory "Magoo" Christman

Cat's Squirrel

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welcome , remember John Lester ?????? Hilton ???? Heidrun Beer ???
Hi Raphaela,

I was Cat's Squirrel on ARS, though I didn't post much; I was a big Pilot (Ken Ogger) fan. I've met Ralph Hilton but not Heidrun Beer or John Lester (whom I would like to have known).


I left active involvement in Spring 1976 and went back to college.
But I still believed in "the tech" (pieces in my worldview) for many more years after that.
So did I after I left. For 25 years or so! That was about 40 years ago! Then one day, decades ago, after carrying "pieces" of their "technology," it suddenly occured to me that EVERYTHING I EVER LEARNED AND BELIEVED IN WAS BULLSHIT! PURE BULLSHIT!!!! That was a major change in my post-clam life,... rejecting everything and beginning a long process of programming. It took forever to "unlearn" 'dev-t' and to stop using an thinking in that absolute from Hubbard. Funny thing; most or all of his tech and policies and statements were always absolutes: they HAD TO BE ACCEPTED and applied, or else!
What a mind f**k!