Anger Issues

La La Lou Lou

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Anyone is destroyed by hanging on to anger, hate, being a victim to bad feelings, look what they did to me, etc.

To me turning the other cheek means letting go, laughing at the stupidity of the twat trying to make you feel insignificant and pathetic by slapping your face, or calling you a stupid woman, a stupid man, fat, or bald or ugly. If you can see their insignificance, their stupidity and pathetic nature their insults no longer hurt. Insults only work if you agree with their insults.

The moment you don't care what the crazy eyed fool is shouting at you you have won.

Believe in yourself, in what you are doing in life and love yourself for doing it too.

It really is about not being the effect.


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Sheila, I've gone thru some of the same things. I'd begun to wonder what is wrong with world lately. I viewed some doctor's vids online entitled Surviving Narcissism. I realized that for damaged people, it's a war for survival .

Bullies are not going gentle into that good night. Their options are exhausted and this is IT. They don't possess the space that another has and cannot begin again easily. I've lately suspected petty attacks and lies are due to maybe the fact that spiritual beings are smaller, or that souls have been exhausted from the Guff.... and there's no space left.
I used to see myself and others as this spacious Presence, having our orbs___identity satellites___ afloat in our local space. Now, the space between ourselves and these identity orbs__ is gone. People are becoming one with their baggage. Insults and slights are taken seriously as if doing fatal damage, with no recovering

And these types of people/ foes will not remember anything that does not support their personal notion of themselves. The character they have created for themselves in the eyes of others must survive. This is why if they think you don't share their notions of how things are, your window to reality must be destroyed and they will third party you incessantly. They won't stop until they feel you have been rendered harmless to them and others have agreed you're not worthy of admiration or having a voice.

I think it's more important than ever to realize the attackers today are in a war. Maybe it's old age, or alcohol, or drugs, or having been the victim of past abuse. Whatever, they need to make you lose so their imbalance of energy can release. It's a phenomenon. Not wanting to confront that attackers often just need the satisfaction of making another LOSE....and Big time..... is often a fatal blind spot. They get a relief from it, like a serial killer will binge. Repeated attempts to destroy are fed by an unresolved intention to feel better by getting even.

And sometimes it IS just about winners and losers. YOU or I may have triggered them to project upon us, the identity that caused them their demise or fall from grace. They've been pushed off into the losing role somewhere and it needs to be acted out to where another groks that condition. Not all humans have an immediate urge to obtain reciprocity, a need to get even...... or they can't sleep. The problem ones do. The payback must be quick or they feel they're a doormat.


I love this post, Hats. There's a lot of good insights here and you've cut to the heart of the issue with something meaty and substantial that's outside the box. Just wow. Thanks!

I have a slow shift tonight and I'm looking forward to watching the vid and digging into this some more. I'm so glad you're on ESMB2. :hug:


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Thankyou Sheila. The doctor has some 50 lectures on the narcissist. There has been al anon for sufferers of toxic relationships but not much counseling about the effects of being in relationships with compulsive ego-survivalists with their winner take all attitudes towards life.

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Not sure if this follows with the fork of the river this thread has taken as I have not read through it all yet, but I will.

Just wanted to say that when I was pretty fresh out of the sea org, when getting into arguments, I was filled with episodes of uncontrolled rage and breaking and destroying things, throwing things, kicking holes in walls, crying hysterically, etc. (PTSD?)

It took me a long time to NOT get that way. It took learning patience, perspective, as well as dealing with people who were even more explosive than I had been, who turned the tables on me. for ex: If I was not the patient calming one the situations would escalate beyond anything I'd imagine.

I remember observing some of the CEO (by the Manor) kids or young Cadets at the ATA building.
There were a number of them with 'ethics issues'. Looking back, their tantrums looked a lot like my later ones.

This was all years and years before I even thought to consider myself not a cos member.

That's all. Just making an observation. Anyone else have similar?