An interesting take on ancient technology

mimsey borogrove

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In the ESMB V 1.0 I made several posts about the advanced technology that was evident in Egypt, and else where.

There were a few posters who disbelieved that there could be evidence of such technologies. One person offered up the mainstream belief that copper saws and sand could account for everything. Another had another idea about how one could drill obsidian with a similar technique.

In this video, the discussion is concerning tube drills, which an attempt at debunking the advanced technology theory was made and popularized in a made for TV documentary. They showed how one could drill a hole with sand and a copper tube, rotated back and forth with a bow and twine.

However, there is a problem - the striations of the sand carving the granite are not equivalent to the actual striations of the extant holes found in Egypt. Further - none of our modern diamond tipped core drills can match them either.

How did they do it? Damn good unanswered question.